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Dear parent(s)/guardian(s),

This term, students in grade 5/6 have been focusing on financial mathematics, probability, time and location. Recently, students have begun to apply the skills they have learned from these topics to a real world context. Students have been working in small groups to set up a business stall to fundraise money for a charity of their choice and an end of year treat. The stall ideas were decided by the students and each stall (group) received a budget of $20.

Students have worked together to: develop a stall budget, estimate their profit or loss based on certain scenarios, plan a proposed schedule for the day and map the position of the stalls strategically. Students have had to make many team decisions such as: their selling price, how they are going to advertise their stall and target all their customers.

The fundraising stalls are going to be open for all students on Thursday the 5th of December from 1:30pm – 2:15pm at Albion North Primary School.

The price of items will range from 20 cents – $5.00. Please provide your child with some coins for the day.

Many stalls will be selling food and beverages and some stalls will operate carnival type games.

Please note that the canteen will be open during recess. Students can still purchase lunch orders on this day.

Kind regards,
Grade 5/6 teachers
Rebecca Ilijevski, Simon Hoyer, Luke Piscopo and Melanie Fenech