A Message from the Principal

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Dear Parents and Carers,

From 6 p.m. on Sunday 2nd August, Victoria was declared a State of Disaster with new restrictions coming into effect over the next few days.

For our school the restrictions mean that:

  • Tuesday 4th August has been designated as a student free day. There will be no online lessons or supervision at school on this day;
  • All students will learn from home from Wednesday 4th August 2020. The only exceptions to the rule are
  • Children of permitted workers. The government will provide further details of who these workers are.
  • Children deemed at risk by DHHS.

All students that fit into the categories above and attend on site will continue to learn remotely just as all the other children at home. They will not be taught by the teachers who are supervising.

I would like to again thank all parents and carers who are doing their best supporting remote learning during these hard times. I know that it is not easy but it is really important to keep everyone safe and well.

Jean Bentley