Benvenuti all’italiano @ ANPS

At Albion North Primary School every student from Foundation to Grade 6 has the opportunity to experience one hour of Italian language each week.

Our classes cover a range of themes and topics, and students are encouraged to practise their Italian in a number of activities such as role play, dialogue, singing with actions, reciting and games as well as more traditional methods.  Computers are also used to reinforce language learning activities. 

Students are also exposed to Italian culture to support language skills and we make connections, comparisons and contrasts to our life in Australia.

Ciao a tutti!

In Term 2, the main focus areas will be:

Foundation - Children will be exploring the names of colours in Italian.  We will also be learning to count to 10.  We will be using the famous story by Eric Carle called “Il piccolo bruco Maisazio” (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to develop these skills.

Grade 1/2 - Children will be exploring themes in the well known story of “La Gallinella Rossa” (The Little Red Hen). The colourful illustrations and the simple language will create a repetitive pattern to encourage children to read along with the text and provide valuable opportunity for learning new words and sentence structure.

Grade 3/4  -  Children will be exploring the Italian days of the week, months and seasons of the year.  We will gain an understanding of the reasons why the seasons are different to Australia and the difference in the time zone between the two countries.  We will be exploring simple sentence structure to describe what we see within the various seasons of the year.

Grade 5/6 - After designing their own “travel brochures”, the grade 5/6 children will be taking a “trip” to visit the many beautiful locations in Italy and discover some hidden gems! We will be working towards constructing descriptive sentences of our visit to these places.

Although generally aimed at the younger children, all students are encouraged to practise (or revise) learning by listening to some of our favourite songs referenced below: