Prep at ANPS

Term 3 Info:


THE Grade Prep children had a wonderful day at IMAX and the Museum.

Term 2 Info:


This year’s Education Week was celebrated from 21 to 27 May with the theme of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Education Week is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools and early childhood services to showcase the work they are doing for students to help ensure healthy minds and bodies.

The week aims to profile and celebrate everything from sport, dance, mentoring, yoga, meditation, reading, and art, to camps, excursions, breakfast clubs, healthy canteen menus, stress management and resilience; and more.

To help celebrate Education Week this year our students participated in a Hands-On Science workshop. Students participated in challenging, enjoyable science and technology activities that encouraged our students to think. Students were actively involved and encouraged to, observe, record, report and conclude from their observations and experiment results.

On the Friday afternoon students also participated in a variety of sports. The games that Miss Leanne selected helped to promote eye hand co-ordination; interaction with other children; social skills; self-confidence & working independently.



To help celebrate Education Week this year, we organised ‘Hands-On Science’ to visit our school on Tuesday May 23 2017.

Hands-On Science offered challenging, enjoyable science and technology activities to encourage children to think. Students were actively involved and encouraged to, observe, record, report and conclude from their observations and experiment results.

During this session students studied design and made their own toys. They investigated materials, purpose, sound, marketing and how the toys work.


  • Imagined what children did before the presence of toy shops.
  • Explored the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to create toys past and present.
  • Observed how toys move: jump, roll, twist, up and down, and spin.
  • Explored how the principles of push and pull are used in the design of toys (e.g. using electricity, magnetism, gravity or wind-up energy, being pushed or pulled, with a motor).
  • Designed and create a toy that makes sound using a cup and string.
  • Followed instructions to make a rubber band motor and explore ways to change its movement.
  • Identified safety issues and solved problems.
  • Were inspired to create toys using recycled materials.      

Letters & Sounds

We are learning how to read, write and sound out letters of the alphabet. Today we learnt about the letter Z. Prep A and Prep B took part in a range of activities to help them learn all about the letter Z.
'The Potato People' by Pamela Allen
The grade Preps are learning how to ask questions before, during and after reading to help our comprehension. Today we read 'The Potato People' By Pamela Allen. Prep A and B had a great time making their own Potato People.
The Preps celebrated 50 days at school on the 2nd of May. They came to school dressed in half their pyjamas and half their school uniform and they engaged in various activities related to 50 and half throughout the day. They have enjoyed counting their days at school and look forward to continuing counting their way to their 100th day at school.


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