Grade 5/6 Take Home Grid 2020

Remember to read for at least 30 minutes everyday.

Continue to record how many minutes you read every day in your student diary. Find a comfortable and quiet reading space in your home.

Reading Goal

Practise your reading goal and show evidence of your reading goal in your exercise book.

Another reading goal that you can practise is summarise the important events of a fiction text. Think about the: characters, setting, problem(s), solution(s), the events that lead up to the problem, does the character change? Does the character learn a lesson?

EPIC Books

You won’t be able to read on EPIC from home unless you have a paid account. Ask your parents for permission to make an account.

Character Traits

When you are reading a book, list all the internal traits of the main character(s) and their external traits. Think about the characters personality. Think about their physical features; what they are wearing, their age, their culture, their mood, etc.

Writing Inspiration

Collect some writing inspiration for your writer’s notebook in your pocket notebook.

New Front Cover

Create a new front cover and blurb for a book that you have enjoyed reading.

Read With Someone

Read a book to a sibling or parent. Take turns reading the pages. Have a discussion about the important parts of the text e.g. characters, the events that lead up to the problem, the problem(s), solution, ending, lessons the character(s) may have learned.


Choose an image that is based on a setting and write a paragraph describing the setting, remembering to show NOT tell.

Find an image of a person on Pobble365 and record a paragraph based on what you can infer. How is this person feeling? Why do you think that? What could have just happened or is about to happen to them?

Letter Writing

Write a letter to Ms Bentley, Mr Squires, an Albion North teacher or student.


The school address is

Albion North PS

67-73 Furlong Road

Sunshine North 3020.


Think about the current restrictions before you buy a stamp or go to post the letter. You can always give it to the person when we are back together.

Book Recommendation

Write a book recommendation. Think about why you liked/didn’t like the book. Discuss the characters, plot, genre, setting, what the author does to make the book interesting, etc. Read your recommendation to a sibling or an adult.

Would you rather?

Use the writing prompts to choose an argument, then state your reasons in a persuasive piece. Remember to include: an introduction, paragraphs with your arguments and reasons and a conclusion to tie it all together. You are trying to convince your audience to be on your side and agree with your opinion.

Big Words

Find 10 big words. Learn them. Spell them. Make smaller words out of their letters. Draw them. Decorate them. You can even use Wordsmyth to find the definitions of these words.

Books on Youtube

With your parents permission, go to the Youtube website and search for books that you want to read. There may be videos of people reading these books aloud.

Film Review

Write a review about a film that you have watched. Think about the good and bad points of the film and how the film could be improved.

Sunshine Online

Log into Sunshine Online. Read the books and complete the matching activities.

Username: albionn

Password: albionn

Herald Sun Kids

Read some news articles on Herald Sun Kids. We advise that you do this with parental supervision.

Keep a diary

Visual or written.

One sentence/paragraph per day.

OR One photo per day.

OR Both

Realistic Fiction Writing

Plan, draft, revise and publish a realistic fiction text. Show the story arc that you used. Draw your character and describe their internal and external traits.


Write a poem about anything that is of interest to you.


More silent time

Sit silently for 15 minutes and write down every sound you hear. Classify these sounds – high, low, volume, man made, natural

Pobble365 writing activities

Log onto Pobble365. Have a look at the day’s image. Scroll down and complete the writing activities that match the image.


After you have come across some tricky words while reading, use a dictionary or go on and search the meanings of these words. Once you understand the meaning of the word, use the word in your own sentence.

Free Online Books

If you are a member of a public library, you can log into using the barcode on your library card. You can read stories and you can also listen to stories being read.

Interview a family member

Think about the questions you will ask them then talk to them and record their answers.

Write a biography for that family member.

Plot their life story on a timeline.

Be completely silent for 30 minutes then write about the experience.

What did you see, hear, feel, think, smell, touch.

What did you notice?

How did others respond to you?

Personal Journal

Start a journal. Keep newspaper articles as well as anything showing the date. This is an important time in history which you will be able to look back in years to come and show family.


Comparing books

Create a venn diagram to compare two different book characters.

Timeline of events

While reading a book, create a timeline of the events that occured.

Book review/talks

Book reviews/talks. If possible, record yourself doing a book talk.

Storyline Online

Listen to some books that are read on Storyline Online.

Persuasive writing

Write your opinion about something that is not fair.







Math goal practise

Practise your multiplication or skip counting goal. Make new practise cards using some paper from home. Ask your parents or a sibling to test you. If you achieve that goal, move onto your next goal.

Below is the order of the goals:

If you achieve your x5 goal, but you know your x10s, then move onto your x3s.


Find a recipe that you want to make on the Coles Website. Search the cost of each ingredient and calculate the cost of making this recipe. Next, search the cost of each ingredient on the Woolworths website. Which shop is more affordable? How much money will you save shopping at the cheaper store?

50% off Sale

Select five products from a shopping catalogue, then calculate what the cost would be if there was a 50% sale.

Does it make a difference if you add up the items, and then deduct 50%, or if each item is reduced by 50% then totalled?

Victorian Maths Challenge activities

Complete some Victorian Maths Challenge problem solving questions with your family. Type the following web address in your browser.


Classification is a skill that’s helpful for lots of things. Choose 20 objects and classify them by shape, size, colour, height, mass and material. Eg. a basketball would be a round shape, made from rubber material, its mass would be … (weigh it) and its colour is ….

What’s the Time?

Practise telling the time to the nearest minute on an analogue clock.

My Student Diary

Add birthdays and other important dates to your student diary.


Complete some questions that have been assigned to you on StudyLadder.

Prodigy Maths

Tackle some maths problems in your school account.

Multiplication Grid

Write out the timetables that you know and highlight any patterns you can find. Use different colours.


Spend a day focusing on time. Record what you do and when, how long did each activity take you. You need to list at least 20 things.

Ie. 7:20am - watch cartoons

8am - shower

8:30 - breakfast

8:50 - brush teeth

9:15 - bike ride


Choose 10 containers. Order them from lowest to highest by volume. Work out if you were right. Volume is the length time the width times the height.

Bird’s eye

Draw an accurate bird’s eye view of your house.

Draw your neighbourhood.

Can you draw the school from memory?


Set a clock three hours and seven minutes ahead. Whenever someone asks you the time figure it out by subtracting.

Cooking and Measurements

Bake a cake or cookies with a guardian, paying close attention to the measurements. Write down all of the measurements you used during the cooking process.


Record the temperature of the days you are away from school and show your data on a line graph.

Khan Academy

With your parents permission, create a Khan Academy account and listen to some online tutorials.

Party Planning

Plan a party. Using catalogues, work out what the menu will be and show the cost of everything you purchase. (This could also be done with a device)

Use informal measurements

Measure your backyard, driveway, and house using informal measurements, such as footsteps and record them.


Measure the length of your bed using 5 different non standard units. For example my bed is 12 socks long.




Song or Poem

Phone a grandparent or older relative and ask them to tell you a favourite song or poem from their childhood.

Write the song or poem down. Illustrate it.

Stay up late and stargaze

You don’t have to be at tomorrow so stay up and have a look at the stars from the comfort of your garden.

Sketch the stars that you see. Can you name any constellations? Do some research about constellations.

Freezer test

Choose 5 safe liquids to freeze and time how long each one takes to become fully frozen.   Time how long each one takes to melt.

Family Tree

Construct a family tree in any way you want to. Add anyone you consider to be family to the tree and show their connection.


Collect leaves from 10 different and non-harmful plants. Sort them by size, colour and texture. Sketch them.

Still Life

Put your favourite toy, book, keepsake on a table in sunlight. Draw or paint the object and you will have a full colour still life.


Work out a message in Morse Code and send it to a family member. Invent your own code and do the same

Flag It

Create a flag that tells the world about you.

BTN - Behind the news - watch BTN on and tell someone about one of the segments they reported on explaining what it was about. Complete a Jigsaw puzzle
Languages online Play any of the italian activities on this website

Toy Theatre

Make learning a blast! Toy Theatre is chock full of interactive online art, reading & maths games for kids.

Go Noodle

Provides movement and mindfulness videos to keep children active and support wellbeing

Pivot Animator

Pivot animator is a free software application that allows users to create stick-figures and sprite animations, and save them in the animated GIF format for use on web pages and the AVI format. Pivot provides a simple, easy to use interface with a few features.


Signpost Pages

Students who have their signpost books at home can complete the following activities. If you have left your signpost book at school, please complete the math pages we have photocopied. Please tick/check the page once it has been completed.


Grade 5 Signpost Pages Completed (tick) Grade 6 Signpost Pages Completed (tick)
12 Comparing Decimals 32 Addition Review
28 Number Facts x6 to x9 33 Subtraction Review
29 Multiplication Tables 52 Addition of decimals
32 Addition to 999 54 Multiplying Thousands
33 Addition to 999 88 Perimeter
90 Finding Missing Numbers 89 Perimeter
91 Finding Missing Numbers 92 Square Centimetres
93 Problem Solving 93 Square Metres
95 Time Units 94 Comparing Perimeter & Area
98 Perimeter 105 Timelines
99 Perimeter 130 Nets of Prisms
100 Calculating Area 131 Nets of Pyramids
101 Square Metres 132 The Number Plane
103 Area 134 Using Coordinates
104 Cubic Centimetres
105 Cubic Centimetres
106 24-Hour Time
107 Using 12 and 24 Hour Time
108 Cubic Metres
109 Volume of Rectangular Prisms
111 Perimeter
112 24 Hour Time
113 Problems Involving Time
119 Exploring Perimeter, Area & Volume
143 Reading Graphs
150 The Likelihood of an Event
151 Chance


Family games and documentary suggestions



Games that you might play with your family

Connect 4 (problem solving skills)

Monopoly (reinforces money)

Guess Who (questioning skills)

Jenga (problem solving skills)

Card games; War,

Jigsaw puzzles (great for problem solving skills


Documentaries that you may want to watch

Please note, that parental guidance is recommended

Planet Earth

Animal Planet

March of the Penguins

The Finishers

Spellbound (SBS)

The Kindness Diaries (be wary of episode 11 which talks about the killing fields of Cambodia)

Khumba (Anthony Silverston, 2013)

Cosmos (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

 Suggested Online Learning websites to visit - The FUSE website has many activities. Click on ‘Students’ when you reach the home page. This website has been suggested by the Department of Education.!/resources - this website has many age appropriate videos and activities suitable for students. This website has been suggested by the Department of Education. - start with the elementary maths link. This website has been suggested by the Department of Education. - there are many math games that you can play. This website has been suggested by the Department of Education. - this is aimed at kids ages 5 - 7. The link takes you to a webpage. You can download the app for free if you have a tablet at home. You may want to access this website with a younger sibling. This app has been suggested by the Department of Education. - a (paid) coding app that has been recommended by the Department of Education. - this website has many online games (please ask your parents if you are allowed to access this website) - Doodles with author/illustrator, Mo Willems - YouTube link. There are videos from each day, uploaded to follow. - Scholastic have created a weekly planner with activities for each school day (days 1 -5). There are multiple activities for each day, to read about a variety of topics. -Parents would need to create an account for their child (free of charge). This website provides online reading passages with a question at completion. Students collect points with each activity they do. - Twinkl Educational Publishing is an online publishing house which produces teaching and educational materials. Parents can now receive one month free access. Please enter the following code: AUSTRCODE - Free online educational games for kids of all ages, for math, grammar, science, spelling and history activities - Allows you to read comics online. - On the home page, click on grades and click on either ‘Early Elementary’ or ‘Upper Elementary’. This website has various videos that you can watch. This website has videos featuring awesome animals, cool science, funny pets, and more. - This website has hundreds of questions that kids wonder about. Each question that kids wonder about are answered here. You may even want to upload something that you wonder (with your parents permission). - this is an online reading game like Prodigy Maths but for grade 3s - 6s (teacher account needed)



2020 Grade 5/6 Kryal Castle Camp

We’ve organised a 2 night, 3 day camp to Kryal Castle in Ballarat, departing from Albion North Primary School on Wednesday the 21st of October 2020 at 9:30am and arriving back to school on Friday the 23rd of October 2020 at approximately 2.30pm.

The cost for the camp is $220.00 which covers; bus cost, accommodation, educational programs, a live theatre show, a movie night, breakfast, dinner, snacks and a special stopover for lunch (pizza and soft drink) at Club Italia on the way back to school.

The educational programs include:

CALLIGRAPHY Students try their hand at writing with quill and ink, while learning about who was likely to be literate.

NEEDLEWORK Students make their own coin pouch using medieval techniques to take home.

 SIEGE Explore how castles were fortified and how they were attacked. Explore the physics of medieval catapults - called siege engines - as well as other means of attack and defence.

ARCHERY Get hands on experience with a bow and arrow in their indoor archery range.

ARMS AND ARMOUR Learn about the history of weaponry and armour and how it has evolved throughout the ages. Students will be able to feel and try on knight’s helmets, gauntlets, gambesons, breast plates and chain mail.

SWORD TRAINING / THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS. Students will participate in sword training and learn the proper use of a sword and shield. Re-enact the Battle of Hastings using the skills learned during sword training. Learn about strategy, team work and problem solving.

Students can come to school dressed in casual clothing on the day of departure and will need to pack the following:

- A packed lunch in a plastic bag

- Pyjamas or comfortable sleepwear

- Toiletries (including a hair brush, tooth brush, tooth paste and a face washer)

- A sleeping bag and pillow

- Two changes of clothing (including clean underwear and socks)

If your child requires any special dietary requirements and/or has a medical condition that the school is unaware of please see your child’s classroom teacher.

All 50 spots have been filled and we have some children on a waiting list. Failure to pay the required deposit may lead to your child losing their spot.





As part of our teaching and learning program the Grade 5/6 team have organised for a company called Mad About Science to run two 60 minute in-school workshops on Wednesday the 18th of March, 2020.

This term in Inquiry, students will be learning about Light. To coincide with this topic, we have selected the ‘Light Reflections’ workshop where students will investigate the properties of light. Students will use a variety of interesting optical instruments, explore UV light and make a UV detection key chain to keep. They will also watch light energy transform, discover different ways to produce light including chemiluminescence and more.

We have also chosen a popular S.T.E.M workshop called ‘3D Drawing’ where students will use 3D pen technology to plan and invent their own plastic model to take home.

The cost of this excursion is $20 per student.

Please see your classroom teacher if you have any queries.





As a way to celebrate the Grade 6 students’ last year at school, they will be able to purchase a polo top, hoodie or both. Grade 6 students had the opportunity to draw the design and selected a design by voting as a group. Student’s names will be featured on the back of the polo and hoodie.

There are three polo shirts available to try on for sizing at the office. The polo shirts will be $35 and the hoodies will be $50.

We are asking for payments to be made by Friday the 20th of March (week 8) at the latest. However, if we can get the orders in and finalised beforehand then we can send the order off. The tops usually take around 6 weeks to be made and delivered.