Last Wednesday 24th May, 2017 5/6A and 5/6 B worked in small groups to construct a miniature town inside a tub. Students made miniature houses out of cardboard to go with the scene.

The groups went outside with their tub, they were given potting mix, and used it as soil for a riverbank; the groups arranged their soil and made an area where water will go and act like a river. Then each group added twigs and branches to represent trees and finally miniature houses. Houses were placed in a variety of areas, close to the river as well as away from it.

Each group had to hypothesise about what was going to happen when it started to rain. They had to say what would happen to the riverbank, the trees and the houses.

Mrs Spurrell came around with a watering can and started to pour water into each tub.

My group was amazed by how the water flooded the small town, Most houses were flooded by a big amount of water.

We all loved the experiment about floods.

By Shifani and Tanvi


On Wednesday, we were doing a flood simulation experiment; we built about 60 houses out of cardboard. We had 5 groups so each group received 12 houses. We had to make a riverbank and decorate it with trees and houses. The teacher then poured water slowly to simulate rainfall and we had to observe to see what happened.

We naturally thought that the foundation was strong and the houses could survive the flood. Somehow, the foundations were not as strong as we thought. The houses closest to the shore were destroyed as soon as the flood started.

You will need some soil or mud, tiny houses made of cardboard, a watering can to simulate rain and a plastic locker if you want to conduct this experiment.

You would want to make the riverbank with sand and soil, make an area that can be the river, no soil in this area. Decorate the whole area with twigs, place your 12 houses in. Then slowly pour water in to create a flood and watch and observe what happens.

By Tai, Henry and Daniel


This year’s Education Week was celebrated from 21 to 27 May with the theme of Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.

Education Week is an opportunity for all primary and secondary schools and early childhood services to showcase the work they are doing for students to help ensure healthy minds and bodies.

The week aims to profile and celebrate everything from sport, dance, mentoring, yoga, meditation, reading, and art, to camps, excursions, breakfast clubs, healthy canteen menus, stress management and resilience; and more.

To help celebrate Education Week this year our students participated in a Hands-On Science workshop. Students participated in challenging, enjoyable science and technology activities that encouraged our students to think. Students were actively involved and encouraged to, observe, record, report and conclude from their observations and experiment results.

On the Friday afternoon students also participated in a variety of sports. The games that Miss Leanne selected helped to promote eye hand co-ordination; interaction with other children; social skills; self-confidence & working independently.



To help celebrate Education Week this year, we’ve organised ‘Hands-On Science’ to visit our school on Tuesday May 23 2017.

Hands-On Science offered challenging, enjoyable science and technology activities that encouraged children to think. Students were actively involved and encouraged to, observe, record, report and conclude from their observations and experiment results.

During this session students developed an understanding of how inventions and discoveries have affected the environment.  They also explored alternative uses for waste materials.


  • Identified reasons for inventing.
  • Sorted materials to understand that sustainability has many meanings.
  • Made a “plastic” from different materials.
  • Acted as an environmental science testing water samples.
  • Observed the effects of burning different materials.
  • Investigated and tested products that are biodegradable.
  • Explored water sustainability.
  • Made a motor that uses clean energy from recycled materials.
  • Were inspired to invent something that is useful and environmentally friendly.