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Just a reminder that the grade 5 and grade 6 students in grades 4/5A, 5/6A & 5/6B we will be heading to Kryal Castle in Ballarat, Victoria.

The camp will run for 3 days / 2 nights from Wednesday 19th October – Friday 21st October 2022.
We will be travelling by bus (coach).
We will be leaving ANPS at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday 19th October.
We will be returning to ANPS at approximately 1:30 pm on Friday 21st October.

Students can come to school dressed in casual clothing on the day of departure and will need to bring a packed lunch in a disposable bag (e.g. sandwich, snacks and a bottle of water).

The educational programs include:
CALLIGRAPHY Students try their hand at writing with quill and ink, while learning about who was likely to be literate.

NEEDLEWORK Students make their own coin pouch using medieval techniques to take home.

SIEGE Explore how castles were fortified and how they were attacked. Explore the physics of medieval catapults – called siege engines – as well as other means of attack and defence.

ARCHERY Get hands on experience with a bow and arrow in their indoor archery range.

ARMS AND ARMOUR Learn about the history of weaponry and armour and how it has evolved throughout the ages. Students will be able to feel and try on knight’s helmets, gauntlets, gambesons, breast plates and chain mail.

SWORD TRAINING / THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS Students will participate in sword training and learn the proper use of a sword and shield. Re-enact the Battle of Hastings using the skills learned during sword training. Learn about strategy, teamwork and problem solving.

Campers will enjoy a live theatre show, a movie night and a special pizza and soft drink lunch at school when they return from camp.


What to bring to Camp:
-Sleeping bag
-Pillow case
-Bath towel
-Suitable clothing, enough for the 3 days and for various weather conditions:
-including- t-shirts, shorts, long pants, jumpers, socks, underwear, pyjamas etc.
-Students to bring normal clothing, not school uniform clothing
-It may be a good idea to check the weather forecast prior to packing
-Warm/Waterproof jacket
-Walking/Comfortable closed shoes
-Thongs (for shower)
-Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, brush/comb)
-Hat and Sunscreen
-Drink bottle
-Garbage bag (for dirty clothes)
-Snack and lunch for the first day (to be in a separate plastic bag, with name and grade clearly labelled – no containers or cutlery)

Please make sure all belongings are clearly labelled with names.

What NOT to bring to Camp:

-Valuables (such as cameras)
-Mobile Phones
-Lollies or Food

Please do not bring any nuts or nut products to camp.


Children’s medication is to be given to the teacher in charge of First Aid, Mr Simon Hoyer, on Wednesday 19 October before we leave with very clear instructions for administering the medication.
Medication should be in a plastic bag, with the child’s name clearly marked on it.
Asthma puffers, where needed will be taken with the children at all times.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to come and see us!

Anna Boyd and Lee-Anne Veteha
Camp Coordinators