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The Premier announced that schools would not be open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (15th, 16th & 17th February) due to the state-wide lockdown. Children who were at school were provided with some printed activities that could be done at home during this time. Teachers will not be hosting WebEx meetings or posting work on Google classroom for the three days. Many children were absent on Friday, due to illness or Lunar New Year and missed out on receiving work. Please do not break the rules of this lock down by coming to school on Monday. We do not have ‘packs’ for students who were absent and are not able to provide the work that was sent home with other children.

If your child was absent and you would like some work for them to do, here are some ideas: (you may need to adapt based on the ability of the child)

– Reading. Read to your child, with your child or allow your child to read independently. Ask children about what they are reading.

– Writing. Find some paper and get the children to write about New Year celebrations or an event of their choice.

– Handwriting. Practice letter formation

– Spelling. Look for words in books and newspapers. Words could be topic based eg. look for any words that are animals. Practice writing and spelling these words correctly.

– Maths. There is lots of maths that can be done at home. Activities relating to time, measurement, shapes, colours, sorting, looking for and making patterns. Older children can read and write numbers that they see in the environment

– Other: as one parent reminded me on Friday, children learn a whole range of life skills, including resilience, during lock downs

If you have access to a device, you may wish to use the Department of Education and Training’s FUSE site at to support student learning. This link is the primary school students’ tab but there is also an early childhood tab that can be accessed using the same link and this may better support Prep and some Year 1 children.

The “Parents Website” also has a huge list of links and resources that can support parents with at home learning. This list can be found at